About Us

Who are we?

N-Sane is a social, competitive gaming community focused on providing a fair and fun location for competing. You can choose to play inside of a seasonal ladder, multiple sponsored tournaments or events, create your own competition, "Prove-it" Scheduled Clan Battles, or even 1v1 Style "Battle Box" matches. Your abilities are endless, it is completely up to your wants and needs. N-Sane was founded in 2015 by a group of gamers that was looking for a place to socialize and compete with like-minded players, and dissatisfied with what was available. The goal has always been to have a community where the gamers voice was heard no matter who they were, where they played, or what they wanted to accomplish. We are not only devoted to competitive gaming and outstanding functionality, but also to providing the gaming community as a whole industry news and analysis. We attempt to provide one location for gamers to play, socialize, and keep up with news that matters to them. This ensures that N-SANE is your default stop for anything gaming related and provides a great place for you and your friends to communicate and play. N-Sane started as a place to compete with gamers that have the same competitive spirit as the person to their right and left. We have successfully accomplished that goal, but in no way are stopping here. This is a site devoted to our community and we strive to provide you with the most complete, fun, and informative place we can.


If you want to compete in a game that you don't currently see on our list, simply request it in the New Game Suggestion thread and gain support from your friends and fellow gamers. Once support is shown for that game, we will be happy to add it.


You simply need an Internet connection, a gaming system, and competitive spirit to take part in this amazing community. The best part is that you can play anywhere and anytime that you wish! We offer everything that will make your experience fun, easy to use, and rewarding. So, sign up, fill out your profile and become part of our social community.


N-Sane prides itself in having active and dedicated staff. Our staff is focused on you, the Gamer. We are here to facilitate, not dictate, how you play your games. The Admins ensure that your gaming is safe, secure, fun, and most importantly, fair. We provide the best support of any online gaming site on the net. If you need help, get confused or have a question simply use Teamspeak, check if N-Sane Admins are Online or sent us a message on the forum.